a parallel world in which magic exists. the kind king and queen rule over this world. however, a great evil threatens there thrown. this is the realm in which old times and the future come together.
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 history of fantasia

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PostSubject: history of fantasia   history of fantasia I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 2:17 am

fantasia is a world ruled by king zakare. he has 2 sons, alexander and yuki, and a daughter hidden from public by posing as a maid, airashii naito. the queen was killed, alittle after airashii was born, by an unknown man. he is belived to have ran off to the "other side". the other side is home to all the evil of this world. also, before i forget to say thing, in this world there are mages. though its set in old times, we have things like tvs and mp3s and things. but like naruto. no cars. alright....thats all for now. byez.

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history of fantasia
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