a parallel world in which magic exists. the kind king and queen rule over this world. however, a great evil threatens there thrown. this is the realm in which old times and the future come together.
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 Yuzuki Shino

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Yuzuki Shino

Yuzuki Shino

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PostSubject: Yuzuki Shino   Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:49 am

name: Yuzuki Shino

age: 22

place in the kingdom: anywhere

job: Black/White Mage

side: undecided

history: Not so many years ago, Yuzuki was born under the moon. She was born with bright icy blue eyes, and pure white hair. She lived with her father, for her mother was killed during child birth. Her father raised Yuzuki to be a strong black mage. During the times for Yuzuki to learn black magic. She found the very strange ability to control ice like crystals. By the time Yuzuki mastered black magic, she was sixteen. She bid fer-well to her father, going to learn White magic. Yuzuki leaned white magic faster then the normal black magic. Although, being a black and white mage caught some attention. As though one day walking threw an ice cave, Yuzuki was knocked out. Those who had knocked her out seemed to changed her to the walls of the cave, to leave her there to freeze to death. It was four years before Yuzuki had woken up. When she did, she awoken to a black cloth over her eyes. She took it off and saw she was still in the same cave. She looked at the ice in the room, and found that her eyes had became a near white color. Yuzuki had put the cloth back on, never to take it off again. She found herself the way out, due to that any sort of crystal was the only thing to guide her. Although she does take the cloth off, but never when people are around.

(in the cave)

(her now...sorta)
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PostSubject: Re: Yuzuki Shino   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:22 am


dont juge a book by its cover, things arent always what they seem

the maid me

the princess me
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Yuzuki Shino
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