a parallel world in which magic exists. the kind king and queen rule over this world. however, a great evil threatens there thrown. this is the realm in which old times and the future come together.
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 Marluxia XII

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Marluxia 'The Sexy'

Marluxia 'The Sexy'

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PostSubject: Marluxia XII   Marluxia XII I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 1:20 pm

name: Marluxia XII

age: 27

place in the kingdom: Upper Class

job: Assassin for sale and weapons designer

side: Neutral

history: Aoi grew up in a small town, his family made average wage, and his father was widely known as the greatest ninja in all of Fantasia. His father was also known as the famous, Hanzo Hattori, who protected the Tokugawa family during war times in the past. Aoi lived up to the Hattori name, and became the greatest ninja in the Iga clan. The Iga clan was a small group of ninja families who all worked and protected eachother as if they were family. After turning sixteen, Aoi left the Iga clan. His father had also disappeared that same day. Some say that his father, Hanzo, had left and joined the side of evil, however, Aoi could careless. No, he just went around making great weapons and assassinating people to live. He was soon favored by the palace guards and other upper classmen, and was getting higher wages each job.

He had lived up to his nickname given to him by the Royal Guard, 'Silent Asssassin Sky', by using his special ninja skills to fglide and stand on walls and pillars as if he was standing on the ground. Even today he continues to live up to his name, however, he does not work for either the side of good or evil, he is just a simple merc or, assassin for sale, who makes weapons and sells them to both sides. He finds that two clients are better than one, and uses this to his advantage.


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PostSubject: Re: Marluxia XII   Marluxia XII I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 1:23 pm

hmmm, there really wasnt any ninjas in fantasia.....but there is now ^^ approved!

dont juge a book by its cover, things arent always what they seem

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Marluxia XII
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