a parallel world in which magic exists. the kind king and queen rule over this world. however, a great evil threatens there thrown. this is the realm in which old times and the future come together.
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 Minamoto Yoshitsune

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PostSubject: Minamoto Yoshitsune   Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:47 pm

name: Minamoto Yoshitsune

age: 37

place in the kingdom: Nowhere

job: Othersider Stratageist/Black Mage

side: Evil

history: Minamoto was born in the otherlands as the son of a great tactician, and a mother witch. He was raised and trained to be a military machine of unknown powers, and unmatched abilities. His strength was feared by many as he grew older, and by the time he turned sixteen, he had taken his fathers place as the military head stratageist. His father opposed this, and requested a duel between the two to settle who would get the position. Minamoto ran from his home, and studied under his uncle who was on his side. The two built a weapon unmatchable by any, and after that, Minamoto killed his uncle and claimed the weapon for himself. He trained day and night, making himself notable in martial arts and swordsmenship. Once he was finally ready, he went to battle his father, his new weapon amazed everyone when they witnessed it. It was a large gauntlet with a laser saber on the end created from his magic. He placed the gauntlet on his arm, and it became apart of him, making him seem even more like a god. It was golden, just like his armor, yet his kimono he wore was purple.

He defeated his father within thirty seconds of the beginning battle, his weapon being too strong for his father to handle. He spared his life, and took the crown his father wore to display his great, strategic mind. He slowly placed it on his head, and ruled over the stratagy department wih great skills. He had never lost a battle, untill he met a formidable startageist who he underestimated greatly, Aoi Hattori. He had attacked the Iga Clan in hopes of controlling them for his army, yet when he came to a battle of intelligence, he had made a mistake, and Aoi Hattori mutilated his entire army with one grand tactic. When he returned to the otherside with a failure on his hands, he simply prepared for another chance to strike at the Iga Clan. All the way up till he was twenty six, he displayed more talents unknown by many except the othersiders lord, Zakare. Minamoto served him faithfully, and swore to him he would one day put down the Royal Army. Taking his place as the head stratageist, Minamoto headed out to all battles that needed his assistance. He remained undefeated in those upcoming battles were he once again ran into the Iga Clan. This time he was prepared. He placed himself at the head of the army, and attacked the Iga Clan diectly. Aoi Hattori figured he had gone crazy, and sent hi army in to destroy him, however, right when he did so, one of Minamoto's private ninja, Kotaro Fuma, surprise attacked the Iga main camp, and forced Aoi to retreat. Having won a battle against the man, he roared a fearful battlecry as he killed half of the Iga Clan alone.

He had finally reached the age of thirty seven, and became the youngest, smartest, most destructive stratageist in the othersiders army, next to his lord of course. However, he sought more power, and found a way to make himself even more powerful by using his magic. He created two golden wings, and then attached them to his back, making him seem even more like a god. He had made himself a fallen god, sent from the heavens to secure the battlefield in the name of Zakare and the gods. He had made himself prepared to take on the Royal Army. Slowly rising to power, he gained more and morre money, but that wasn't his goal. He wanted more than gold, he wanted control over the Iga Clan and Fantasia itself. He made one promie to himself, one that he swore never to break.

"Sun Tzu once said it was foolish to want an entire forest for one's home, however, i will prove him wrong, and take over the entire forest and claim it as mine. I swear."

Minamoto Yoshitsune:


*Usually carries around a personal army of forty people with him to help him launch special tactics. However, these men do not engage in battle or take hits for him.
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PostSubject: Re: Minamoto Yoshitsune   Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:10 am

hmmm yeah i skimed the history, but its reallly good, so approved

dont juge a book by its cover, things arent always what they seem

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Minamoto Yoshitsune
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